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Mrs. Stephan Principal 17402 Email
Mr. Bennett Assistant Principal 17404 Email
Mrs. Woida Secretary/Bookkeeper 17403 Email
Mrs. Argitis Cafeteria Manager 17418 Email Website
Mr. Fowler Maintenance Manager 17412 Email
Ms. Claiborne Pre-K Teacher 31147 Email
Mrs. Mitchell Pre-K Teacher 31122 Email
Mrs. Barrs Kindergarten Teacher 31100 Email Website
Mrs. Geer Kindergarten Teacher 31101 Email Website
Mrs. Germany Kindergarten Teacher 31102 Email Website
Mrs. Jacobs Kindergarten Teacher 31104 Email Website
Mrs. Loy Kindergarten Teacher 31166 Email
Mrs. Ludke Kindergarten Teacher 31105 Email Website
Mrs. Skala Kindergarten Teacher 31106 Email Website
First Grade Website
Mrs. Bell First Grade Teacher 31115 Email Website
Ms. Greenwood First Grade Teacher 31165 Email
Mrs. Kulley First Grade Teacher 31110 Email Website
Mrs. Lauer First Grade Teacher 31120 Email Website
Mrs. Lear First Grade Teacher 31111 Email Website
Mrs. Leonard First Grade Associate Teacher 31153 Email
Ms. L. Myers First Grade Teacher 31112 Email Website
Mrs. M. Simanoff First Grade Teacher 31122 Email Website
Mrs. Stringer First Grade Teacher 31127 Email Website
Mrs. Turner First Grade Teacher 31117 Email Website
Second Grade Website
Mrs. Bierling Second Grade Teacher 31152  Email Website
Ms. Davidoff Second Grade Teacher 31114 Email Website
Mrs. Denny Second Grade Teacher 31109 Email Website
Mrs. Hatcher Second Grade Teacher 31151 Email Website
Mrs. Hinson Second Grade Teacher 31103 Email Website
Mrs. Lane Second Grade Teacher 31116 Email Website
Mrs. Matolka Second Grade Teacher 31118 Email Website
Mrs. Perrigo Second Grade Teacher 31113 Email Website
Mrs. Witham Second Grade Teacher 31131 Email Website
Third Grade
Mrs. Ament Third Grade Teacher 31108  Email
Mrs. Carter Third Grade Teacher 31132 Email  Website
Mrs. DeBees Third Grade Associate Teacher 31125 Email
Mrs. Hollingsworth Third Grade Teacher  31061 Email Website
Mrs. Latta Third Grade Teacher 31129 Email
Mrs. S. Myers Third Grade Teacher 31125 Email
Mrs. N. Marabell Third Grade Teacher 31126 Email Website
Ms. Reynolds Third Grade Teacher 31142 Email Website
Fourth Grade Website
Mrs. Jenkins Fourth Grade Teacher 31134 Email Website
Mrs. Kelley Fourth Grade Teacher 31140  Email  Website
Mrs. J. Marabell Fourth Grade Teacher 31141 Email Website
Ms. Menefee Fourth Grade Teacher 31135 Email Website
Mr. Middaugh Fourth Grade Teacher 31155 Email
Mrs. Linger Fourth Grade Teacher 31149 Email Website
Mrs. Uva Fourth Grade Teacher 31136 Email Website
Fifth Grade Website
Mrs. Couch Fifth Grade Teacher 31137 Email Website
Mrs. Dieckman Fifth Grade Teacher 31138 Email Website
Mrs. Plancher Fifth Grade Teacher 31119 Email Website
Mrs. Pruitt Fifth Grade Teacher 31121 Email Website
Mrs. Searcy Fifth Grade Teacher 31128 Email Website
Mr. Sharpe Fifth Grade Teacher 31107 Email Website
Ms. Waldman Fifth Grade Teacher 31130 Email Website
Mrs. Watson Fifth Grade Teacher 31139 Email Website
Resource Staff Website
Mrs. Anderson P. E.  Teacher 31143 Email  Website
Mrs. Gautille Art Teacher 31145  Email Website
Mrs. Hopkins Media Parapro 17416 Email
Mr. Leonard P.E.  Teacher 31143 Email  Website
Mrs. Ragland P.E.  Teacher 31144 Email  Website
Mrs. Roberson Media Specialist 17416 Email  Website
Mrs. West Music Teacher 31146 Email Website
Mrs. Epi ESE ParaPro  31156 Email
Mrs. Bosiacki ESE ParaPro 31147 Email
Mrs. Butler Speech/Language Pathologist 31148 Email Website
Mrs. Koski ESE ParaPro  31160 Email
Mrs. Lagoutaris ESE ParaPro 31122 Email
Mrs. Mason ESE ParaPro 31122 Email
Ms. Mullis Speech/Language Pathologist  31000 Email
Miss Palmeri ESE Teacher 31133 Email
Mrs. Traylor ESE Teacher 31150 Email Website
Mrs. Valle ESE ParaPro 31163 Email
Ms. Warwell-Murden ESE Teacher 17417 Email
Mrs. Williams ESE ParaPro  31164 Email
Ms. Womack School Psychologist 13833 Email
Mrs. Collins Registrar 17406 Email
Mrs. Cooper Guidance/LEA Clerk 17419 Email
Mrs. Hillier Instructional Literacy Coach (ILC) 17420 Email Website 
Mrs. Stanley Guidance Counselor 17408 Email
Mrs. Sutherland Guidance Clerk 31049 Email
Support Staff
Mrs. Brand, R.N. School Nurse  17409 Email
Mrs. Butler ParaPro  17410 Email
Mrs. Findley Clerk 17410 Email
Mrs. North Receptionist 17400 Email
Mrs. Kennett ParaPro 17410 Email
Little Eagles Learning Center
Mrs. Bush Director 17411 Email
Mrs. Hoffman Teacher – 2 and 3 year olds 17411  Email
Mrs. Lawrenz VPK Lead Teacher 17411  Email
Mrs. Looney VPK Teacher 17411  Email
Ms. Reschmeier Teacher – 1 and 2 year olds 17411  Email
“Beyond the Bell” Extended Day
After Hours Number:  904-547-7414 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm 17414
Ms. Conway Group Leader
Mrs. Fowler Group Leader
Mrs. Giese Group Leader
Ms. Golden Group Leader
Ms. Nerbonne Group Leader
Heather O’Mara Coordinator 17413 Email Website
Ms. Ramos Group Leader
Ms. Reed Group Leader
Ms. Roberge Group Leader
Ms. Sperry Group Leader
Ms. Tippins Group Leader
Ms. Wilson Group Leader
Ms. Yabroudi Group Leader
Maintenance Staff
Ms. Cilliac Custodian
Mr. Fowler Maintenance Manager 17412 Email
Mrs. Hansford Custodian
Mr. Hansford Custodian
Mr. McManaway Custodian
Mr.  O’Leary Custodian
Ms. Sylliac Custodian
Food and Nutrition Services
Mrs. Argitis Food Services Manager 17418 Email Website
Mrs. Cassano Food Services 17418 Email
Mrs. Hayes Food Services 17418 Email
Ms. Ramos Food Services 17418 Email
Mrs. Roy Food Services 17418  Email