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announcements16 Here are some important bus safety tips!


  • Arrivals – all busses have been arriving by 8:25 AM each morning. This is great for our students as it gives them enough time to get to their classroom and begin their day without being rushed.
  • Parent drop off line will close at 8:25 AM so students have ample time to get to their classroom to get started on their school day. All parents can drop off from 8:05 to 8:25 AM. Students arriving after 8:25 AM will have to be escorted in by their parent through the front office door.
  • Dismissals – All busses will be called at one time.
  • Parent Pick up will continue to be called after all busses have been loaded and cleared to leave. Please be sure to post your child’s name card in the passenger window of your vehicle. This will help expedite the pickup process.

We encourage all students to ride the bus. This is a service that is provided for the convenience of parents. On our busy 210 corridor, it is still the safest way to and from school everyday.


Safety Reminders

Bus Riders
I want to thank parents for their patience as we continue to tweak bus pickup and drop off times. Here are a few reminders for parents:

  1. Please do not step on the bus at any time.
  2. Remember that the bus is on a schedule. Do not hold up the driver by talking with him/her. We need to keep the bus moving so our students get to school on time.
  3. Be at the bus stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled pick up and drop off times.
  4. Please be sure your children are safe at the bus stop by letting them know what you expect of them. Students should not play or run around at the bus stops at any time.

Parent Drop Off /Pick Up

  1. DO NOT PASS cars waiting in line on Pine Tree Lane. We do not want anyone to put themselves at risk or put the lives of parents and students traveling in the opposite lane at risk. PLEASE do not pass any cars waiting in the parent pick up line. If you want your child early, please come by 2:20 PM (1:10 PM on Wednesdays) to check them out.
    *** Do not pull out and around other cars that are picking up or dropping off students in front of you.
  2. DO NOT TALK ON THE CELL PHONE. For the safety of our students, I ask that ALL parents refrain from talking on their cell phone when the line is moving to pick up your child. We need your fullest attention as you approach the pick up area.
  3. Do not use the bus ramp area to drop off or pick up students. The only exception to this rule is when parents drop off our early morning extended day students prior to 8 AM. THANK YOU for the part you play to assure our students are safe at ALL times.