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Instructional Literacy Coach

Hi! I’m Lyndsey Renaud, Timberlin’s Instructional Literacy Coach. I have been teaching in the school district for several years, with most of that time being spend in a 4th grade classroom. I have a degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Florida, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I am a Jacksonville native, so when I’m not at school, I love going to Jaguar games and spending time at the beach with my husband and our dog, Duval. I am also an avid reader, so I always have a book close by!

As your Instructional Literacy Coach I am here to provide support to teachers in any way possible. I am also available to answer any parent questions regarding curriculum or student academics, though I do encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher as the first point of contact. Students are successful when we all work as a team to ensure they have the tools to overcome challenges and persevere through their elementary school journey!

Teachers: Please check out my “menu” of services to see how we can work together this school year!

Student Support
Instructional Support
Professional Development
MTSS/RtI – Do you need to discuss a student of concern?
Teach Together- After planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together.
Book Study- Is there a Book study of interest I could organize or facilitate?
Student Observer- Serve as another pair of eyes to observe and assist.
Instructional Rounds- Obtain coverage for your class so you may observe a colleague teach.
Endorsements- Are you interested in pursuing an endorsement in Reading, ESOL, gifted or ASD?
Listen & Support- Lend an open ear for a topic of your choice.
Class Data Review-Assist in reviewing and analyzing class data to look for patterns or trends.
ESE/Reading requirements- Do you need points for re-certification?
Student Data Review-Assist in reviewing and analyzing to plan next steps for instruction.
Lesson Observation- Would you like me to observe a lesson and provide feedback? NOT EVALUATIVE OR JUDGMENTAL!
Deliberate Practice Plan- Would you like assistance with your PD plan?
Student Reading Support- Give an additional opinion on a student’s reading challenges. As a team, problem solve and collaborate on instructional steps.
Materials or Curriculum Support- Would you like coaching with a district adopted program or content area?
Marzano Evaluation Model- Collaborate and brainstorm best practices.
Training- Train volunteers to implement small group activities.
Coaching Cycle- Goal setting, data collection, and coaching conversations.
Brainstorming Session- Collaboratively bounce innovative ideas off of one another.