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announcements04With the numerous holiday activities that are planned for students, parents’ helping hands will surely be needed and welcomed. What does present a problem, is our limited parking. Please know that teachers are working together to try to stagger upcoming holiday activities throughout the day and upcoming weeks rather than plan activities all at the same time.

A few gentle reminders about parking:

  1. Park in designated spaces if available.
  2. Park out on one side of the road in front of our school.
  3. Do NOT park in the parent drop off area or in our bus loop. These areas MUST BE KEPT CLEAR for emergency vehicles.
  4. PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the area where our buses park. They return from their runs at 9:30 AM. As you know, we will have a problem parking big yellow school buses if parents take their parking place on the second driveway into the school to the parking area.
  5. Look for signs showing areas that can not be blocked or used for parking.

We appreciate your help and support.