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904-547-7405 Fax

Mrs. Edel Principal
Mrs. Caldwell Assistant Principal
Mr. Roach Assistant Principal
Office Team
Ms. Leaders Confidential Secretary/ Book keeper
Ms. Wilson Secretary
Ms. Collins Computer Operator/Registrar
Ms. Tempel School Nurse
Mr. Weston Informational Technology
Ms. Felvey School Clerk
Guidance Team Website
Ms. Annam Guidance Counselor for K-1-2
Ms. Jordan Guidance Counselor for 3-4-5
Ms. Bledsoe Guidance Clerk
Pre-Kindergarten    Website
Ms. Dennis Pre-K Teacher
Ms. Potter Pre-K Teacher
Ms. Sawade Pre-K Teacher
Ms. Sheeks Paraprofessional
Ms. Bosiacki Paraprofessional
Ms. Koski Paraprofessional
Kindergarten    Website
Ms. Barrs Teacher
Ms. Boley Teacher
Ms. Davis Teacher
Ms. Geer Teacher
Ms. Martin-Jones Teacher
Ms. Hand Teacher
Ms. Jacobs Teacher
Ms. Ludke Teacher
Ms. Skala Teacher
Ms. Van Etten Teacher
Ms. Kusiak Teacher
First Grade Website
Ms. Bell Teacher
Ms. Fowler Teacher
Ms. Greenwood Teacher
Ms. Keith Teacher
Ms. Lauer Teacher
Ms. Metzger Teacher
Ms. McNeill Teacher
Ms. Stringer Teacher
Ms. Turner Teacher
Second Grade Website
Ms. Davidoff Teacher
Ms. Matolka Teacher
Ms. Busey Teacher
Ms. Stohr Teacher
Ms. Tople Teacher
Ms. Grossman Associate Teacher
Ms. Gorski Teacher
Ms. Gallant Teacher
Ms. Louie Teacher
Ms. Mitchell Teacher
Ms. Zerry Associate Teacher
Ms. Schleich Teacher
Third Grade    Website
Ms. Ament Teacher
Ms. Carter Teacher
Ms. Dubet Teacher
Ms. Dye Teacher
Ms. Meadows Associate Teacher
Ms. Glasscock Teacher
Ms. Henry Teacher
Ms. Hollingsworth Teacher
Ms. Latta Teacher
Mr. Taaca Teacher
Ms. Tomlin  Teacher
Fourth Grade Website
Ms. Linger Teacher
Ms. Perrigo Teacher
Ms. Spencer Teacher
Ms. N. Stewart Teacher
Ms. Thies Teacher
Ms. Uva Teacher
Ms. Watson Teacher
Ms. Wellborn Teacher
Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Anderson Teacher
Ms. Barnes Teacher
Ms. Lovett Teacher
Ms. Moody Teacher  
Ms. Plancher Teacher
Mr. Sharpe Teacher
Ms. Sumner Teacher
Ms. Vargas Teacher
Ms. Alder Associate Teacher
Ms. Doyle Associate Teacher
Resource Team Website
Ms. Henson Instructional Literacy Coach (ILC) Website
Ms. Brewer P.E. Teacher  Website
Ms. Hogshead P.E. Paraprofessional  Website
Ms. Miner Art Teacher Website
Ms. Lane P.E. Teacher  Website
Ms. Roberson Media Specialist  Website
Ms. Chapman Music Teacher Website
Ms. Smith STEAM Teacher Website
Ms.  Pharis Computer Lab Paraprofessional
Ms. Jancarole Inspire
ESE Team Website
Ms. Evans Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Ramsey Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Harkness Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Russell Occupational Therapist
Ms. Brooks Physical Therapist
Ms. Romanello School Psychologist
Ms. Marringer ESE/ Self- Contained
Ms. Steele ESE/ Self- Contained
Ms. Krejci ESE/ Self- Contained
Mr. Stagliano ESE/ Varying Exceptionalities
Mr. Haney ESE/ Varying Exceptionalities
Ms. Reynolds ESE/ Varying Exceptionalities
Ms. Mayer DHH Teacher
Ms. Stirrat VI Teacher
Ms. Brand VE Paraprofessional
Ms. Kelley Paraprofessional
Ms. Findley Paraprofessional
Ms. Hill Paraprofessional
Ms. Williams Paraprofessional
Mr. Lavery Paraprofessional
Ms. Watson Paraprofessional
Ms. Cozzi Paraprofessional
Ms. Andrews Gifted Consultative Teacher Website
Little Eagles Learning Center Team Website
Ms. Keeney Director
Ms. Lawrenz VPK- Lead teacher
Ms. Looney VPK Assistant Teacher
Ms. Keeney Lead Teacher 1-2’s
Ms. Crane Lead Teacher 2-3’s
Ms. Powell-Thomas Lead teacher 3-4’s
“Beyond the Bell” Extended Day Team Website
After Hours Number:  904-547-7413 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Ms. Brown Director
Ms. Colbert Community Service- Aide
Ms. Collins Community Service- Aide
Ms. Russ Community Service- Aide
Ms. Bailey Community Service- Aide
Ms. Thong Community Service- Aide
Ms. Duran Community Service- Aide
Ms. Javier Community Service- Aide
Ms. Rhousdy Community Service- Aide
Ms. Lopez Community Service- Aide
Ms. Nascimento Community Service- Aide
Ms. Sultana Community Service- Aide
Ms. Rodriguez Community Service- Aide
Ms. Yabroudi Community Service- Aide