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How Do I Access eBooks?

* To access TCE eBooks go our Destiny Library Database.

* Now you should see different sections (categories) of books:  Scroll down to the eBooks section and browse.  Click on an eBook to open and look at it.  You will need to log in by typing your Active Directory username and password (This is the same as your iReady login.)  To check it out so nobody else takes it off the electronic shelf, hit the back button so you are looking at the original book list.  If you want to check the book out, hit the Go Back button and then the check out button next to the book.

* Students may checkout one eBook at a time for fourteen days.  After fourteen days the book automatically comes off your account.  If you have one book checked out, you can view and read other books online that are available.  You just can’t check another one out until returning your other eBook.

Helpful Stuff to Know!

* At the corner of a book, if it says IN if it is available for checkout.  Some books can even be checked out by multiple students at the same time. 

* To see what book you have checked out or to do other functions, go to the upper left corner and click on Destiny Discover for a drop down menu.

* Checking a book out (instead of just opening and reading it) is a good idea because the book will automatically hold/bookmark your place.  In addition, you don’t want someone else checking it out and then see that you lost access to it. 

* eBooks will run best on Windows based computers/laptops running Firefox with Adobe Flash Player.  eBooks will also run well on iPads and reader devices like a Kindle.  If eBooks aren’t working properly or you want to use eBooks offline, refer to the system requirements at