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* To access TCE eBooks, go our Destiny Discover Library Database.

* Scroll down to the eBooks section to browse.  There is a tab on each eBook that says it is IN (available) or OUT (not available).  Some books have unlimited access (), meaning they are available for multiple users to check them out at the same time. 

* Tap on an eBook to learn more about it.  If you want to check it out, click Log In and type your student number (Sxxxxxx) and district password.

* Students may check out one eBook at a time for up to fourteen days. You can return the book at any time.  But after fourteen days it will automatically check back in and disappear from your account. 


* To see the book(s) you have checked out (print and electronic), click the three lines in the upper left corner of the Destiny Discover Library Database. A drop down menu appears and you will choose My Stuff.

* If you open a book, start reading it and decide you like it, make sure you check it out.  If you simply close the book, someone else could check it out and you will lose access.

Technical Requirements